Too Late to Contact Old Love?

Q: Back in high school I was head over heels in love with a young gal. We were classmates and there was something between us but I never pushed it, and she was always faithful to her boyfriend in every way. Now 30 years later I learned she's been a widow for the last 10 years and has a teenage daughter. I've had a good life but I never settled down. My thoughts have turned to her on and off over the years. For my part I still feel like something is there after all this time. Should I contact her or has too much water passed under the bridge? -- Adam, 50

Dr. Susan: Take a chance and make contact. You have nothing to lose but your fantasies. She may remember you fondly and be willing to see you. It's possible you could end up as only "friends," or that she has no interest at all anymore, or is seeing someone else. But it's also possible that some of the old attraction could be brought back to life. Such things happen all the time.

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