Confused Over Internet Exposure

Q: I've been happily married for 6 years, and I would like to see my wife succeed in her music endeavors. I put up a web site for her, and now my friends are telling me how they wouldn't put their wife's pictures on the net, and that I should be worried about exposing her in that fashion. I didn't think about it that way, and now I am a bit confused. Is there something wrong with promoting her positive relationship music? -- Randy, 34

Dr. Susan: I don't why your friends are undermining your and your wife's business decisions. Unless the photos are racy or otherwise bound to get the wrong kind of attention, don't worry about it. And be sure you keep contact information as private as possible (no home phone or address). I'm not sure what "positive relationship" music is all about, but if you're both fine with the business itself, then promoting it via the net is almost a necessity. You may wish to ask a lot more people than those few friends what they think about the photos.

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