The Accidental Flirt: 4 Ways You Lead Him On

Surely you're not to blame when that skeezy guy comes your way, right?

You could be. Men rarely make the first "real" move, relying on women to put out signals of interest and availability before they swoop in for the kill. Are you guilty of any of these accidental flirting moves?

Complimenting his Clothes

This is one of those Mars/Venus things. When you say, "Ooh, I love your shirt," you mean it literally. But what he heard was, "Ooh, I'd love to see your shirt crumpled up on my bedroom floor." Men just don't notice threads quite like we women do. By paying too close attention to his duds, you're paying too much attention to him.

Talking About Your Relationships

Seems safe, especially if you're both seeing other people, right? But if you're asking about his girlfriend, his always-in-overdrive ego thinks you're interested in one-upping her. And if you're complaining about your beau, it sounds to him like you're auditioning for a replacement.

Making the First Move

It's practically a scientific fact: Men will never assume you approached them just to be friendly. Men see striking up a conversation as the first step to seduction. You just might want to have a little friendly conversation at the bar while you're waiting for your drinks, but to him, you just pressed the fast-forward button on his plan to get you into bed.

You Danced With - or Even Near - Him

When your old disco favorite gets pumped out the speakers, you'd dance with the nearest coat rack. But you picked him (or had the bad fortune to be close enough that he thinks you picked him). And now he's convinced your need to boogie is a sign that you want his booty.

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