Tease Your Way to Better Sex!

Maybe sex has become a little too routine, too quick from beginning to end. Or maybe you're about to get married soon, and you want your wedding night to be especially hot. It may be time for you to give your relationship a jolt by abstaining from the actual sex act for a period of time. Use this time wisely, though, by concentrating on renewing your passion for each other. Make a week of it by following these teasing tips for a slow simmering build-up to an explosive Friday night:

  • Make out with your clothes on: Act like you're in high school and really go at it -- fully clothed in every semi-private public place you can find. Think of your underclothes as the forbidden zone: they are not to be removed no matter what.

  • Send sexy notes to your lover: Throughout the week, send your lover dirty emails or leave him or her notes describing in graphic detail what you're going to do to him or her when you finally get the chance.

  • Tantalize with tempting foods: Flirt over juicy melons and red apples. Suck your spaghetti suggestively. Stick to sundaes for dessert.

  • Watch erotic movies together. Curl up on a tiny sofa and watch some erotica while caressing each other the entire time. Just don't get the acting bug yourself!

  • Take your time: The night you finally decide to have sex, run your fingers all over your lover's body, break out the massage oil and spend awhile kissing every inch of your partner's skin for as long as you can stand it.

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