O Really? 5 Surprising Tricks for an Even Bigger Big O

Many women see their ability - or inability - to climax as sheer luck. While there has been some recent research indicating that the ability to orgasm is partly due to genetics, that's no reason to give up trying.

Turns out there's plenty of other research on what makes your Big O so O-wesome. Some of it's pretty common-sense - taking deep breaths, staying healthy, and, yes, practicing those Kegels - but some of it's downright weird.

Have you tried one of these surprising pleasure pointers?

Big O Booster #1: Turn up the heat - literally.

Turns out there's a reason to get hot and bothered. Higher body temperature results in more sensitive and receptive nerve endings. And we shouldn't have to tell you what that results in. So turn up the thermostat before you hit the sheets.

Big O Booster #2: Make it meat.

Red meat (or brown rice for you vegetarians) curbs your body's production of prolactin, a hormone that contributes to sexual dysfunction. Want a bonus boost? Have a baked potato or French fries with your steak or burger; they're a good source of vitamin B5, which is linked to sex hormone production.

Big O Booster #3: Watch your back.

Take good care of your lower back. Keeping those muscles healthy and strong will help position your pelvis for better climaxes - you'll be able to push down on those muscles to ensure close contact with your partner and ensure G-spot stimulation.

Big O Booster #4: Have a tea party.

Sip some warm tea with honey as a pre-sex snack. The caffeine will keep you from zonking out as soon as you get horizontal and the honey will enhance your blood levels of testosterone, which promotes orgasm in both men and women.

Big O Booster #5: Use it or lose it.

Practice really does make perfect. If you don't contract those specific sex muscles on a regular basis, it gets harder to make it happen next time. Think of it like working out-only more fun.

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