After Naughty Distraction Comes More-Adult Action

When you're trying to get over a breakup, you welcome some kind of distraction. You want to do something that'll take your mind off the pain. You want to go somewhere you can laugh. You want someone to make you feel desired.

The idea is to keep your mind busy and your heart detached. You want to jump out of the frying pan into the fireworks.

You may have heard friends say that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. You might not want to take it that far, but you can still learn something from that idea.

Just Get Out
First, when you're wallowing in the raw pain of a recent breakup, you need some kind of relief. That means getting out of your head and out of the house.

Go out with friends or go out alone to meet new ones. The key is to do something fun to take your mind off the recent split.

Laugh It Off
You also need laughter to keep you from crying any more than necessary. Talking to someone who'll make you smile and laugh is a must-have prescription for your pain.

Meeting someone new and finding fresh flirty options is a time-tested recipe for relief. You can act sassy and turn on your charm.

When you're struggling with the disastrous disappointment that comes with being dumped or doing the dumping, it can be exhilarating to keep company with a naughty newbie. Taking your mind off the pain with passion seems like a simple solution at first.

Get Ready for Action
But don't let your desire for temporary distraction leave you even more lonely the day after. Once you've picked yourself up, shaken yourself off and turned yourself around, you should keep moving in a more mature way.

Now's the time to move into action. Find ways to meet new people who have deeper possibilities. Think about what went wrong last time and what you want to go right the next time.

Then seek out prospects who might truly get you and start your mind and motor revving again. Get a good wingman or wingwoman, and explore more outstanding options.

Maintain the Momentum
The key to post-breakup distraction is that it pulls you out of your moping long enough to shift your focus. Then you can zoom in on high-value prospects who really interest you.

When you get off the sofa and take your mind off your troubles, you can rebound to amazing new heights. Distraction after a breakup isn't all bad; it can motivate you to keep moving. And that movement will pay off sooner or later—with a fresh sense of purpose and potentially even with a passionate new partner.

So leverage that tempting distraction and let it move you to more focused action. When you seek compatible new faces, you might find yourself going to unbelievably satisfying new places.

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