How Does Your Grooming Rate With Dates?

If you're seeking new romance in your life, you might want to make sure you're doing everything you can to attract top-quality prospects. Before crafting an impressive online profile and planning some hilarious pickup lines, you might want to start closer to home.

The saying goes that beauty is only skin deep. There's more to being appealing than what you see on the surface. But your first impression is important to attracting or annoying potential mates. If you're not sure about how pleasantly you present to prospects, you might want to check with your pals.

And if you don't have any friends to ask, then, umm, that could possibly be why. So let's break it down.

What's That Smell?
Make sure you're giving off an attractive odor or none at all. Strong colognes, skanky body smells and bad breath will shoot down any chance you have of talking to that hot prospect before you can get close enough to say hello. For starters, brush your teeth, shower and use deodorant. And go light on the store-bought scents if you want to have a chance to play and stay.

Where Are You Going?
A bit of style can go far with the right crew. So can a bit of grunge. Make sure you know your audience and your venue before you head out on the town. An uptown vibe calls for some starch and preparation. A casual crowd means you can roll up your sleeves and roll out with a laid-back look. To dress for success, you're going to have to evaluate your audience appropriately.

How Much Can You Bare?
If you want to melt your date's heart, don't go overboard on the waxing or shaving. Do what feels right to you when you're deciding how hairy or bare you want to be. Facial hair is definitely a do for guys. But other body hair has been banned on many young booties. Why? Is that because it's a social expectation or because you like yourself better that way? Your opinion is what counts the most. Keep it clean and neat, and you can't go wrong. Beyond that, your degree of bushiness is your own business.

Of course you don't need to go overboard when you're getting ready for a night on the town, but do make an effort. A little grooming can go a long way. Smelling nice and looking good can help you feel more confident. It's never a mistake to present the best version of yourself. Show them that you clean up good!

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