Hold Out for the Whole Package

You may not exactly know what you're looking for in that special someone, or you may have a long list of desirable qualities. But you do know that what you're looking for in a sweetheart is oh-so-different from what your best buddy's looking for, right?

So why would you let them tell you that you're wrong to say "skip" when you know the person you're dating isn't a good fit with you? Or why would you let them talk you into giving up on someone you think has some indescribable special something that attracts you?

Listen to Your Inner Voice
If you really want true love, then you've got to be true to yourself. That means calling it quits even if your potential partner looks fantastic on paper. Even if they have a great job, wonderful family and friends, and are really attractive. Even if they keep asking you out and wanting to see you. Because if that voice in your head's telling you that something's missing or just not right, then you should listen.

The same friend who's telling you to give it a chance will later ask why you stayed so long when you knew it wasn't right for you. That same friend might stick with someone who barely communicates because they don't want to rock the boat. They might avoid dating someone who has outside interests like a sports team because they want to spend all their time together as a couple.

Be True to Your Heart
And yet the qualities you're looking for might be the opposite. You might want texts several times a day and deep conversation. You might want to hang out with your own crew sometimes and date someone who has lots of friends of their own to keep them busy.

Remember, what counts is what you want, not what your friends think you should want. If you keep putting your friends' advice over your own instincts, you're likely to keep fumbling into dating disasters.

If you want to find a truly satisfying relationship, listen to guidance from someone who knows you better than anyone. Pay attention to the best advice you can get—your own!

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