An Ounce of Adventure's Worth a Pound of Bar Hopping

When you're tired of the dating rat race and want to meet a different and special new face, hitting the bars can suddenly seem like a dead-end option. That definitely doesn't mean you should give up on dating.

Sometimes we have those days when we don't want to go out of the house, don't want to talk to anyone and just want to stay in our cozy comfort zone. That's okay sometimes.

We need to recharge to be the best we can be. So listen to your body and soul on those days, and do what feels good to you.

On the other hand, sometimes we have those days when we're itching to get out and do something…anything…something different, but we're not sure what. When that happens, you need to listen to your body and soul on those days too!

Take Small Steps
How do you find that something different? Explore! And try these tactics for getting out of your box:

  • Make a bucket list. It doesn't have to include extravagant or death-defying goals. Maybe your lust-after list includes roller skating or planting a garden. Search for more information and you just might meet people who can help you and join you on your new adventure—in your backyard or in a faraway place.
  • Check out options online. Do some research into a topic that interests you. Maybe you'll find a speaker who's holding a seminar in your area. Go! Risk a little discomfort in a new place and a few hours of your time to see if you can find some new space in your mind and in your town, or just a bit beyond.
  • Let one idea lead to another. Check out new apps and websites that'll spark other ideas for amazing adventures. When you find an interesting site, follow the group or person on social media. See who else shows interest, and maybe you can start a conversation.
  • Take an active role. No matter how shy you are, you can still connect with people online. So when you find those new groups, show up to events and tell others how much you enjoyed it. If you want to do something similar again, ask your new friends to join you.
  • Don't give up. When you stretch and try new ventures, you're not always going to feel that it worked out like you wanted. That's okay! If you succeeded each time you tried something new, you wouldn't have any incentive to grow, would you? Pat yourself on the back for making the effort, and pivot into something else that has intriguing possibilities.

Give and Get
If you want more love in your life, you've got to put it out there. By finding fresh activities in your area, you'll meet interesting people and go places you've never experienced.

Then keep going. You never know…you just might make that lifetime connection you've been hoping for!

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