Playing Make Believe

Why do all women think they can be the one to catch the player and make him want to settle down? Because every once in a while, we see it happen.

We all like the thrill of the chase. We want a guy to pursue us because he wants to be with us so badly.

Hot Pursuit
Ironically, the player usually does chase you...right up until he catches you. Then he moves on to newer pursuits.

Why is that? He wants to be chased too. He wants to feel wanted. He wants to feel special.

You get sucked into his world because he makes you feel special too at first. You're thrilled because he's all into you right away. He gets intimate fast. You allow yourself to believe it's because you're so wonderful and he's overcome with emotion. But it's really because he doesn't want to take the time to get to know you. He just wants some affection and physical comfort, maybe a little too soon for your comfort. But you're flattered, so you succumb to his charms.

Strong Ego
In the beginning, the player really does seem charming. Unfortunately, after you get to know him, you realize he's all about ego. He doesn't try to find out what makes you tick. He just makes you hear the ticking of the clock while he goes on and on about himself. About what he's accomplished. About what he's got on his bucket list. About what his dream girl will be like...really? Yes, really.

You'll find that the player doesn't go out of his way to do anything for you. If you make any demands of him for continuity or planning ahead—definitely don't say that dirty word "commitment"--he's outta there!

Roped and Wrangled
So how come every once in a while we see the player settle down? It usually takes several seasons of play, and it doesn't happen with every player. But when he finally meets a girl that gives him the doting attention he wants and who satisfies his ego in multiple ways, he's ready to stick with her. At least for a while....

Don't be jealous of her, however. She'll have to deal with his ego every day. And that fickleness might just resurface after the honeymoon phase.

You, however, can move on and find a guy who plays for keeps and will keep you happy!

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