The Best Moves Can't Be Duplicated

If you think you can dance, even just a little, you probably have a few tried and true moves. But do you think you have all the right moves…for mattress dancing?

Maybe you have a few go-to moves that you rely on in every encounter. How's that working for you?

If you had a really great experience with your lover recently, you might think you're the star of the bedroom now. You finally know what really lights up the night.

Well, I hate to fog up your star-filled evenings, but you might want to take that undercover success with a grain of salt.

Extended Research
Figuring out how to make your sweetheart happy and satisfied for one night is a great accomplishment. But it's just that…only one night.

What works with one lover won't necessarily work with the next one. Everybody's body is different, and so is what brings it ecstasy.

Even more, what satisfies your honey's sweet spot today may not hit the spot so well tomorrow. Just as your daytime moods can change depending on the circumstances, so can your nighttime vibes.

Deeper Connection
If you want a fantastic experience every time, then you need to pay attention. Not to what I'm going to say, but to what your lover says…and does!

That's the biggest secret to bedded bliss: Tune in to your lover's body and keep trying different moves to avoid the chill and extend the thrill. Every time is a bit different, so your affectionate approach should be too.

If you try an unusual tactic, you might get an unusual response—maybe better, maybe worse. Keep experimenting and asking questions about what's working well and what's not so much.

Fascinating Feedback
Communication comes in many forms in the bedroom. If your partner can tell you what feels good, then listen really well and act accordingly. If talking about sex is uncomfortable for them, then try posing questions and asking for a nod or a head shake in return.

The best way to gauge your lover's enjoyment level is to watch their face, listen when they make encouraging expressions of joy and feel how they're responding.

So remember, what brings thrills this time won't necessarily work the next time, or with the next person.

If you can tune in to your lover's emotions and body language, soon you'll both be singing a song with a happy ending!

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