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Night At A Swingers’ Club
My wife and I found out about a swingers’ party in our area over the internet and decided to go. I wore a pair of tight jeans and a pull over shirt. My wife had on a spaghetti strap top and a short mini skirt. When we got to the location, we were both a little nervous. While have talked about this for some time, this was our first. Just before we got out of the car, my wife took a deep breath, reached up under her skirt, and pulled off her underpants. We went into the house and were both a little nervous. We made small talk with a few of the people who assured us that we were welcome and could move at our own pace. After about an hour, we heard a small commotion upstairs and saw people going up towards the noise. We decided to follow. Walking down a dimly lit hall, we entered a large room with a large king sized bed. There were about ten people in the room. When we got there, I noticed a woman lying naked on the bed. There were some men kneeling on the bed. Then my wife and I watched as each of the men had sex with the woman. Finally, after watching this woman have sex with nine different men, I was feeling really hot. I reached over closer to my wife. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to go have sex. She nodded yes. My wife and I left, went back downstairs, and just started having sex on the couch. Several others tried to join, but we both decline. It was really hot thinking about what I had just seen and having all those other people just walking by and watching us. It was the best sex either of us had ever had. -Ebert, 40
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