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My Cousin's Hot Friend!
One day, we all had a family reunion. My cousin had a hot friend, Todd. The whole time he was there, he kept giving me sexy looks. Of course, I couldn't help myself to give them back. When everybody went outside for the huge family cake and cookout, he told me to come here. So, when I got up to him, he grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. I couldn't help but follow him just because he was so hot. He took me into my cousinís parentsí room and led me to the bed. I laid down and he laid on top of me. In the next five minutes, everything was off, and we were having amazing, hot sex! But, out of nowhere, my cousin walked in. He quickly shut the door behind him. We acted like he never walked in and kept going for at least another hour and a half. When we got out there, half of the people had left. Thank God his parents hadn't suspected anything, and thank God he didn't tell anyone. All I can say is that it was the best sex of my life! -Trish, 19
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