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Dating Disasters

Dear Husband
I want to tell you what I did last night. I know you miss me. I canít wait until you get home. Last night, I snuck into Bradís bachelor party. I know you wanted to be there. Brad and I got involved immediately and we started kissing. You know how crazy he is about me. We made out for a really long time. After having sex with him, Brad asked me to stay and enjoy myself as he went back to the party. I slipped back into my little black dress and mingled around meeting Bradís friends. I met one of his friends, Mike, who was super sexy to me. Do you know him? I was very attracted to him. I led him by the hand into the hallway and we kissed passionately. I felt so vulnerable there, in Bradís hallway with all those guys in the next room. As we began to have sex, we were lucky that loud music was playing so that the rest of the guys didn't hear us. I wish you could have been there and not out of town on business. I could have had you instead of Brad & Mike. I hope reading this has made you excited and ready to make love to me when you get home. Love, Your Wife. -Rosa, 36
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