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Is He Serious? 4 Signs He's Only After Sex

It's obvious when a guy is super into you, but it's not always clear what his motives are. Is he only after sex or something more? If you spot any of these clues, don't count on him for a commitment.

Hook Up Hint #1: Talk Is Cheap

Is most of your talking limited to the dirty variety? If he makes a lot of raunchy jokes or innuendo, he could be testing the waters to see if how willing you are to connect sexually. And what about your G-rated chats? Are they about superficial stuff, like movies, music and how wasted he got last weekend? Or does he ask you bond-building questions about your life, work, or family? He's not planning on making it to boyfriend status if he's unwilling to talk about more serious stuff.

Hook Up Hint #2: Serial Charmer

A dude who plies you with the same generic compliments repeatedly, or retells the same "hilarious" stories could be a player running on autopilot. What seemed like a real connection when you met might actually be an act he uses to impress women. A sincere guy won't have to recycle his witty one-liners and amusing anecdotes.

Hook Up Hint #3: Impersonal Planning

Beware the guy who can't make firm plans in advance to see you, or doesn't make an effort to communicate in person. (Those 2 a.m. text messages he sends are neither "firm" nor "in advance" nor "in person.") Texts are fine for flirty communiqué or to check in, but someone who's serious will want to do more than just connect digitally. He'll call and plan "real" dates that include things like daylight, clothing and sobriety.

Hook Up Hint #4: Man of Mystery

You've heard mention of his family, but he's not in a hurry to introduce you. He resists your offers to meet him at work and his family barely merits mentioning. If you've never met anyone in his social circle, he could be purposefully keeping you out of the loop. Because once your lives overlap like that, it'll be harder to untangle himself from your union.

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