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How Sex Appeal Is All In Your Head

By Laura Snyder

For all its mysteries, sex appeal - that intangible something that makes someone irresistible to others - is actually a very conscious state of mind. Being sexy is a decision, a choice, a resolution. It's one that anyone can make, regardless of beauty, wealth or power and it's as simple as changing the way you use your sexiest organ - your brain.

A Sexy Mind is Open. The truly sexy are open to new things, both in and out of the bedroom. You won't find them ordering the same dish twice at a restaurant, nor will they shy at trying out a sexy toy or new position. In a healthy relationship, sex can be a free buffet, where you're welcome to taste anything on the menu that pleases you.

A Sexy Mind is Thinking about Sex. Knowing that anticipation is the greatest form of foreplay, sexy lovers keep their desire simmering all day by indulging in sexual thoughts and fantasies. Let those naughty thoughts filter through your actions, by letting your eyes linger on your partner's body, or allowing a devilish smile to play on your lips.

A Sexy Mind is Positive. Body confidence - in addition to being an extremely attractive quality - is vitally important to feeling sensual. If, in the throes of passion, you're too focused on how your body looks, you're not noticing how good your body feels.

A Sexy Mind Is Your Own. Don't believe what you see on television - sex appeal isn't limited to those with perfect faces and expensive wardrobes. There are plenty of folks who find freckles and flip-flops irresistible. Trying to fake sex appeal is neither comfortable nor particularly believable. Be true to yourself, and you'll be happier - and sexier - for it.

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