Good And Understanding

An old friend of mine from high school was having a party that I planned to attend. It was to be a formal party. However, the hurricane came so she had to change it into a house party. She called me in the morning to tell me that she was no longer holding it at the ballroom. So, I called another friend of mine to go along because I wasn't sure if I'd know anyone else at the party, and I didn't want to go alone. My friend and I arrived at her house for the party around 9:30 p.m. The house was mad crazy with people because everyone had heard that there would be a lot of girls there. I danced for a while, but it was really hot. So, I went and sat in the living room to get some air. My friend came and got me to get back on the dance floor. After a while, I felt a guy behind me. Somehow I felt like I knew this guy. I felt a connection to him that was not from the dancing but more like a strong bond. After we stopped dancing, my friend, Madelyn, said, "Girl, you were getting down!" But all I could focus on was this guy I had been dancing with. I learned that he knew my homey brother, Ramón. We started to talk, and we found out that we were about the same age. He asked me why I didn't have a man. I told him, "For a lot of reasons." I told him a little bit about myself, and he did the same. We had a great evening together, and I was anxious to see him again and to learn more about him. Well, the next day my ex-boyfriend left me a message on the phone saying he was coming back and wanted to see me. I had been with him for two long, hard years when he said he wanted to break it off because he wasn't sure what he wanted. I made up my mind to go with the boy from the party because I was tired of guys treating me like everything is good with us and then just splitting. Now I am having trouble with this boy and his old life because he messed with a lot of girls. But it's okay because I am being good and understanding to him, and he wants to have a future with me. Sometimes he talks about his ex-girls, but I care about him dearly.

— Quanisha, 19

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