Not So Tinted After All!

My ex and I were together for over a year. Within that time, we became romantically involved. He then moved to a different area and I didn't see him that often. I really wanted to see him, so I called him up to meet. We did, and we walked around and caught up on things. I had not had sex for two months, and I really wanted him. I couldn't take it any longer. So, I grabbed his face and we made out for a while, but that was not enough for me. We were together in a busy place at night, so I told him we should stay around for awhile. So, we did. When everyone left, we went into an elevator and made mad love. When we regained consciousness, we separated ourselves and noticed that we had a small audience of older people. To my surprise, the so-called tinted windows were not tinted at all.

— Tammy, 23

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