Hungry All The Time

I can't believe I am actually confessing this, but here goes. I am a forty-seven-year-old happily married woman whose husband happens to work out of town. He only gets to come home about three days a month. When he is home, we have very passionate, erotic sex. We really have always enjoyed a healthy sex life. He has only been working on the road for about a year. Even though I masturbate often, sometimes several times daily, I think I am going to go out of my mind if I don't get more of what I can't get without a real, live, warm, functioning man. I am really into felatio, and without the end result of that act, I am miserably horny all the time. I have heard about Glory Holes and thought that might be an idea, but I live in a small rural community where everyone knows everyone else, and we don't have places like that here. So, I guess I just have to be hungry all the time.

— Alicia, 47

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