No Longer A Virgin

I went to an all girls' summer camp this summer. It would have been boring except for the boys' camp that was about two minutes down the road. I met Alan while building the bonfire for the all-camp Fourth of July celebration. He was so hot, glistening with sweat while carrying the wood around and nailing it into place. We got to talking, and he was also sweet, intelligent, and nice. So, we became closer as the summer went on, occasionally sneaking off into the woods surrounding the camp for steamy make-out sessions. Finally, the camp was drawing to a close. On the last Saturday night, a few of the boys snuck out and met their girlfriends up in a clearing above our cabin. He grabbed my hand and led me to a lean-to close by. When we got inside, he pushed me against the wall and lightly brushed his lips against mine, and then the kisses got stronger and more passionate. I just decided to go with the flow. I simply could not resist his hands, lips, and tongue. We made out for a while, and then things started to go really far. As I leaned against the wall, he gently began to make love to me. It was the greatest night of my life this far, and I am seeing Alan next summer!

— Jenny, 19

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