Loves The Adventure

Hi there! I am a twenty-nine-year-old wife and a mother of two. I live two separate lives. I love my family. My husband is a great husband, person, friend and lover, and I adore my children. I am a good wife and mother. I make sure that my family's needs and wants are always met. Then there is my other side, my naughty side, my dangerous side (I play safe, though). I love the adrenaline kick I receive as well as the new adventure. I have been using the online personals to attend to my additional sexual needs and fantasies that supercede the sex I receive at home. Since I have been married, I have been with eight men, and they have only scratched the surface. This has heightened my marriage, and my husband doesn't even know it. I have yet to find a man that wasn't willing to help me with a scratch every now and then, but I still am not completely satisfied. My next fantasy is to be with a younger man so we can have a teaching lesson with no strings attached. I love the adventure and the excitement but not enough to leave my family. I want to make this fantasy come true, and I am willing make a dream a reality.

— Vikki, 29

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