Leaving It All For Each Other

I had been with Roger for four years. We have two children together. The love had been missing in our relationship for a while and I was no longer happy. I had started working at a bowling center with one of my best friends. I met this guy who was just the most awesome, sweetest, and most caring guy I had ever met. I was instantly attracted to him, but he was seeing someone else also. One night, I was online talking to him about relationship problems and how miserable I was. I also mentioned that I didn't think anyone would want me because of my children. He quickly told me that I was wrong, and then he invited me to a concert on that Thursday night. I accepted the invite and went to the concert with him where I was wrapped in his arms all night long. The next day before work, I was at my friend's house and he showed up. While she was in the shower, he and I were laying in her bed watching a movie. He jumped on top of me and started making out with me. When my friend came out of the bathroom, her mouth fell to the floor and she just stood there pointing at us. We talked that night, and we decided to break up with the people we were with and to start seeing one another. The next day, we were an official couple, and we are still together and happy.

— Katie, 22

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