Poke Her Party

I had breast augmentation surgery in July and am extremely pleased with the results. I went form a small B cup to a very full C. My boyfriend loves my new look and loves to see me in revealing outfits when we go out. Almost every week, he and three friends play poker at our house, and last Saturday was my coming out party. His friends have been making comments on my full figure, and I have been getting a lot more stares. I enjoy the poker parties, serve drinks, and hang out with the guys. On Saturday, I wore a pair of silky women's boxer shorts and a very sheer spaghetti strap top. Needless to say, it was what they were waiting for. I made a point to bend over and show them my cleavage. Later on in the evening after several comments and requests to "see the goods", my boyfriend, Gabe, had me sit on his lap and he pulled my top up over my head. It was very exciting as he fondled my breasts in front of his friends. He then made the announcement that whoever won the next hand would get his turn. They played several hands, and eventually I had every pair of hands on me. By the end of the evening, I was so horny that I couldn't wait for his friends to leave so I could have sex with my Gabe. I thought the time had finally arrived as everyone got up and walked into the living room. They had a prearranged plan. My boyfriend said, "Okay, guys, last chance to squeeze those babies." They sat me down on the floor, and hands were all over me. I laid back, my boyfriend slid off my shorts, and they started fondling down there, too. My boyfriend went first. Then he let his friends have sex with me. I could not believe I was doing this, but it felt so good. Everyone was so horny. When one would get tired, the next one would take over. It was non-stop! I was taken in every position, and I even had sex with two guys at once. I satisfied every request. It was early morning when we went to bed, and my boyfriend and I did it one last time before falling asleep.

— Lauren, 21

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