Sexual Adventures From The Past

I was driving home one day when I decided to stop by my sister's old boyfriend's apartment. We had always been friends. When I got there, something weird came over me. I started to think about having sex with Nigel. I new he would never make the first move, so I got out of my car and striped naked. Then I walked up to his door and rang the bell. He answered the door and went wild when he saw me standing there naked. He brought me in and threw me on the couch and started having sex with me. It was great. When he was done, I heard some voices. What I didn't know was that he had his friends over and they had watched us. I have never told anyone, but I took them all on. It was great. For the next several months, I would stop by on my day off and we would do it like rabbits. The problem was that Nigel would invite too many of his friends. The last time I went there, he had five guys waiting for me. They each had sex with me while Nigel videoed the whole thing. It was still early in the day and Nigel had plans for me. He brought into his room and then called several mutual friends of ours and told them I was here for the taking. He invited anyone to come have sex with me or do what the wanted to me. He went out and found several guys, old, young, fat, skinny - it did not matter. Everyone had sex with me. End of the story, I never went back. I have been married for twenty years now. Last week, Nigel ran into my husband and said he had some videos that he would send him. I don't know what to do. I have never told him about this and worse yet, this happened while we were engaged.

— Natalie, 42

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