Falling Right Back Into Him

The guy I'm in love with and his girlfriend have been together for almost two years. But out of those two years, I have been with him for more than a year and a half. I'm actually the one that hooked them up. During the first three months they were dating, I was best friends with his girlfriend. Then I came to find out that she had slept with the guy I was talking to. I got over it, and we were friends again. Not even a month later, I found out she had slept with another one of the guys I was talking to. I couldn't forgive her this time because she slept with him the same night I did. When she did all of this, her and her boyfriend weren't dating or anything. So, after we stopped being friends, her boyfriend started flirting with me and calling me on the phone. At first I thought he and I were just friends. But one night I went to his house, and we made out and almost had sex. I stopped him because I felt bad because I knew he had a girlfriend. We still kept talking, though, and few days later we actually did have sex. Ever since that one time, now we do it all of the time, and it's the best ever! No one makes me feel like he does! He comes over to my house, or I go to his, and we hang out all of the time. When we are together, we act like a couple. Yet, I know he has a girlfriend. They break up all the time but seem to get back together. She has even caught him at my house, and people have told her about us, but she is still with him. I started to get too attached to him, so I told him how I felt about him. He said he can't just break up with is girlfriend because they have been together too long. He has told me he loves me, but yet he won't break up with her. His family absolutely adores me and does not like his girlfriend. I have tried to end all of this, but when he calls I fall right back into him. I just don't know if there will ever be an end to it all.

— Georgia, 21

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