From Awkward To Awesome

I am a thirty-two-year-old woman. I am very attracted to women in addition to men. I love to have good regular sex every now and then, especially after oral sex. It's very erotic for me. One day, I got a little extra. My girlfriend, Amanda, with whom I had never before had a sexual relationship, and I got to talking about sex. She knew I had had boyfriends but only suspected that I had been with girls. I admitted that I had. She admitted that she had thought about it, wondered about it, and might want to. Then nothing happened, nothing was said, so I just took a chance. I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed me right back. It was a nice, straightforward kiss on the lips. Then a pause after those two kisses, and we looked away sort of embarrassed. Then we turned back for a long tongue kiss. I started to feel that hot feeling. It was nice. We kissed some more. We were both breathing really heavy when she said she felt strange, like she was cheating, but not really. She is married. She started to cry. Then she got up and said she was going to tell her husband. She thought he would be jealous. I told her to come back and wait. I also told her that he probably would not be jealous. She said she had to and left the room. He surprised her by telling her he was definitely not jealous, and that the thought of her with a woman, especially me, made him aroused. Amanda surprised us both by asking him to come in and watch us kiss. That made me hot. That made him hot. Amanda was getting lost in the kisses and took off her blouse. She looked very hot and turned to Brett and just started kissing him. He had been inching closer as our festivities were heating up. Never a word was said. We ended up having a threesome and at the end, the bed broke. We all laughed. I think the laughter was needed to cover some embarrassment. Brett kept looking at Amanda. I think he was wondering if she would be mad or jealous since he just had sex with another woman. She just lay there with her eyes closed holding us. He made sure he laid behind her. I was glad because I wanted to look at Amanda. Whew, that was a hot day. I wanted more with Amanda, but the time just wouldn't have been right. I am not sure if I would want that threesome again, but I do want to have sex alone with Amanda. I hope this doesn't get awkward with Brett wanting more than he should. Whew! Again.

— Jennifer, 32

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