I Liked His Persistence

I'm a fifty-two-year-old, not-too-bad-looking, fairly conservative woman. I placed an ad in an online service after I had broken up with what turned out to be a pervert. My ad was answered a few days later by a thirty-three-year-old. I promptly deleted him! A few days later, he emailed me again. I liked his persistence, so I answered him. We chatted for a few weeks before we decided to meet at my house for the obvious! We continued this relationship for two years, even after I found out that he was living with a very beautiful twenty-one-year-old. I will say, the sex with him was the best I have ever had! I tried things with him I'd never considered before. I have stopped the relationship since I heard he has gotten engaged to the now twenty-two-year-old. He still wishes to continue our "buddy" friendship and emails me on a daily basis. For me, this is a huge ego boost, but I will not hurt another woman. I had also become attached to him and need to move on to a healthy relationship. But boy, do I miss him!

— Lucille, 52

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