Weekly Lesbian Side Trip

One weekend, I went to visit my boyfriend who was in a work-release program for a couple of months for warrants for various infractions. I would drive there. He would get out of jail to go to "work". He would come with me to my hotel, and we'd have sex all day. Then I would take him back to jail in the evening. He had to be back by 8:00 p.m. On this particular weekend, I arrived late Friday evening and went downtown to have dinner and a drink before checking into a hotel. I sat at the bar, ordered my dinner, and struck up a conversation with another woman sitting alone at the bar eating dinner. We hit it off and ended up talking and having a couple more drinks at the bar. While sitting at the very busy bar, I had a drink spilled on my blouse. My new friend, Melissa, said she lived a block away, and she'd be glad to let me rinse out my blouse at her place, which I gladly accepted. We walked to her apartment, enjoying lively conversation all the way. When we got to her place, she showed me into the bathroom and closed the door. I took off my blouse and rinsed it out. Then I noticed there was some on my jeans, so I took them off and rinsed them as well. I called Melissa and asked if she had a robe I could borrow for a few minutes, and she brought it to the bathroom. Before I knew it, she opened the door and came into the bathroom. She stopped, stared at my chest, and breathed, "They're beautiful!" Without missing a beat, she reached out and touched me. I was just drunk enough not to mind, and began to respond to her fine touch. Within minutes, she was giving me oral sex. I got more and more excited, and she finally pulled me to my feet and took me into her living room, where we had oral sex for a good forty-five minutes. We had sex until about 4:00 a.m. I finally got to my hotel, slept for three hours, got up, picked up my boyfriend, brought him back to my hotel room, and had sex with him all day. I took him back that evening, called Helen to meet for "dinner", and had sex with her the same way all night again. I picked him up on Sunday for a couple of hours, took him back, and ended up staying with Helen for another three days, he thought I was home, eating and sex being all we did. I still have the same boyfriend, but I lost track of Helen when he got out of jail. I sure wish I could find her (or someone like her) again! I love having sex with men and women!

— Vikki, 25

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