Rebellious And Carefree

I've been living a secret life for a few months, and this is the only way I can anonymously confess. I never thought I'd cheat on my husband, least of all with a black man. I've never been racist, but I grew up in a very white, so-called "privileged" environment. Jamal is a younger Jamaican guy I met at the gym. He's a real alpha-male personality, and I found myself incredibly turned on by the bold way he hit on me. Plus he's hot. He's got a fit, chiseled body with short dreadlocks. Still, I turned down his advances for a long time because I was afraid of the unknown. One day, I finally agreed to go out for a drink with him, and we started making out. We ended up back at his house and had sex. He's by far the biggest I've ever had. It was pure ecstasy. We've continued our affair ever since, and sex with my husband is sub-par now because of what Jamal can do to me. His rebellious, carefree attitude turns me on as well. He's called my husband a "dumb-ass white boy" during our sex sessions, and it only makes me hornier.

— Tina, 28

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