A Lingering Attraction

I am soon to be divorced. I met a man during a business trip that changed my entire world. He was also married. We met at the airport, shook hands, and there was this instant attraction. We sat together on the plane and just talking to him and watching him speak was gratifying. We hung out during this trip and got to know each other a little better. I thought we would let whatever we were feeling go when we got back in town, but the attraction lingered. We began to spend more time together and learned more about each other. We shared common interests, realized we grew up blocks away from each other, shared scars in the same places, got married for the same reason at the same location! We've had the same type of surgery and even have the same periodic pain on the same place on our bodies. The list goes on and on, but when we are together, it is so natural. It's like we've been in each other's lives forever. The laughter and love that we share is amazing. When we make love, it's incomparable to anything I've ever experienced. We knew and understood that he would never leave his wife. His wife found out that we were speaking and obviously things had to change, but I've enjoyed our short run. I know in my heart that this relationship was unique, different and real. I will forever treasure him because I know if there is such a thing as "soul mates", he is mine and I am his. I will forever love him.

— Trish, 31

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