Never too Late

I am fifty-seven years old and have been married to my husband for thirty-five years. My husband just turned seventy, and sex between us has been non-existent for about the past eight years. It seemed as if I really didn't miss it. That all changed about two years ago when a young gentleman began coming into my espresso shop. Lou was in his late twenties. He would come in, order his coffee, and flirt with me. Naturally, I thought he was just patronizing an old lady, and I played innocently along and flirted back. I did find myself looking forward to his daily visits, and I would be disappointed if he missed a day. This went on for some months, and we became friendly. He shocked me one day when he asked me to go out to dinner with him. I laughed and pointed out that I was married and about thirty years too old for him, but he persisted. In my thirty-five years of marriage, I had never even considered straying, but to say I was interested was an understatement. Lou was very personable and very handsome, and I figured an innocent dinner couldn't hurt. So, I finally agreed to go on a date. I have done many things in my life, but I was never more nervous than that first date with Lou. All through dinner, he explained how and why he was attracted to me. He told me that we could go as slow as I needed to, but he wanted to get to know me better. I hadn't felt so alive in years, and when he kissed me goodnight, I almost melted in his arms. I felt like a teenager, and I thought about him all night. I couldn't wait to see him the next day, and I almost fainted when he showed up with roses! We went out almost every night for the next few weeks before he convinced me to go away for the weekend. I had no idea what a young lover could do to an aging woman. I realized I had never made love before. I felt reborn. Lou has since gotten married to a great lady much closer to his age. However, every few weeks, we still get together, make passionate love, and he still buys his coffee from me!

— Olivia, 59

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