He'll Never Be Left Lonely

My little sister doesn't know it, but her fiancé and I are lovers. I didn't mean for it to happen, but Jim comes and lives with me whenever my sister is traveling for her company, which is quite frequently. It all started innocently enough. I needed help moving some furniture, and Jim said he would help me in exchange for a home-cooked meal. As it turned out, that home cooking led to a lot more. We started talking, and the conversation turned to sex. At one point, he asked me if my "hot zones" were the same as my sister's. As a tease, I told him he should find out for himself. Like I said, it was a tease, but he got behind me and started to nibble the back of my neck and then my shoulders. I was instantly turned on. He lifted my sweater, unhooked my bra, and started to play with me. I knew I should have stopped him, but I loved the feelings sweeping over me. Then he turned me around, and he kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue. He undid my skirt, and it dropped to the floor. Then, I undid his belt. Moments later, we were on my bed. My sister was only a distant thought as Jim made me his. I felt a bit guilty the next day, but not guilty enough to avoid more love-making sessions. Now, whenever my sister goes out of town, Jim stays with me for the duration of her trip. I just hope my sister continues to do a lot of traveling. My sister has told me she is always afraid that Jim will get lonely because of all of her traveling. She doesn't have any idea that Jim has me to make sure he never feels lonely.

— Louisa, 27

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