Fun With A Senior VP

Most people may be afraid of their bosses, but I had one that I was not afraid of. I was in lust with! He was so good looking. I met him on my first day at a new job. Yum! I was interested from that moment. It took a very short amount of time to get him where I wanted him, and for him to get me where he wanted me. We went out for drinks one night and realized, instantly, that we wanted to have an affair. Not a forever relationship, but a long term affair. It started at the perfect pace, semi-slow. Meaning that we let the sexual tension build. We flirted and teased. After a few weeks, we left work early and went to a hotel where we spent five hours taking each other to new heights. We had sex every chance we got. It didn't matter what time of day it was, we had sex. We had sex in the office during working hours. No joke. We found places in the building to be alone and have sex. Full on sex. We would also stay late and have more sex. We even had sex on the company President's desk. Oh, if he only knew what went on over his work papers. I'm sure that some evidence remained. We had sex in the office after hours when no one else was there. More than once, we would be fully engaged in a secret hiding place, and an employee would enter the room we were in, never knowing that we were there doing it. We would stop and wait for the person to leave, and then he would resume. In fact, once, someone actually saw us, spoke to both of us, then left the room. They were on the other side of the file cabinets and had no clue that the reason we were standing so close was that we were in the middle of something. That was one of the best encounters we had. We also ventured out to other areas. We would go to a large park where there were miles of trails and have sex. It felt so good to be outside, where anyone could see us. In fact, some did, but they had no clue that we were having sex. They simply saw a couple standing by a car, smiling. It was the best sex I ever had. He was really good. He was very, very good. I do miss those days of getting it when I wanted. I could call him and say, "I'm horny, meet me in the conference room," and he was there in less than a few minutes, ready to play. Memories of the past still bring pleasure.

— Jenna, 30

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