It Was My Mom!

After my father died unexpectedly, I invited my fifty-five-year-old mother to stay with my husband and me. My husband, Gary, and I were in our late twenties, had a large home, and thought it would be best for my mom, Edith, to be around family. After we all got over the shock of my father passing, we all began to resume our normal lives. After a few months, Edith began to adjust to her new home, and everything seemed to be working out great. Gary and Edith had always gotten along fine, so I wasn't surprised that they would share time together. In fact, I encouraged them both to spend time together and hoped they would become great friends. I came home from work early one day and found my husband in bed with my mom! I was so disgusted that I threw them both out. I started to divorce Gary immediately and wasn't too surprised to find out that he and my mom are now married!

— Victoria, 28

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