Husband Gives Blessing

My sixty-year-old husband suffered an accident two years ago that left him paralyzed. We had been married for twenty-nine years and had always enjoyed an active sex life. I admit I missed that part of our relationship. Six months after the accident, my husband began to encourage me to start dating. I just didn't feel right doing that to him and told him so. He finally convinced me that he would enjoy hearing about my encounters and that I had his full blessing. It was hard to put myself out there after so many years of marriage, but I have had men flirt with me before, and I just began flirting back. I found myself attracting attention from much younger men (mostly married), and I found this very exciting. I think my husband was just as excited as I was when I told him I was going out with a thirty-two-year-old married man that weekend. That first date led to plenty of others, and I had many stories to tell my husband. The encounter he enjoyed hearing about the most was the date that ended up with me giving pleasure to two men simultaneously. It was a night I could never forget.

— Gloria, 52

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