Fiddling Around

I have been following the same country band for sometime. At first, I was just into their music, but then I started noticing how hot the fiddle player was. I wanted him so bad I could taste it. He seemed into me, too. The only problem was how the hell was I going to get him alone? I always went with my friend, and she made sure I went home with her. I finally ventured out alone. When I arrived, he immediately asked where my friend was. I said I was alone. He told me to wait for him after the show. I drank as many beers as I could because I was so nervous! His show was amazing. I could not get my eyes off of him. When he came off stage, he escorted me to the back of the stage. He immediately kissed me. I whispered, "You have to be worn out." He said no way and that he had wanted to get me alone since he met me. He then started making love to me. I forgot we were in public domain. I heard the other guys from the band come in, but it not stop us. In fact, every time someone came in, we started doing it harder. He is the hottest guy I have ever had!

— Vanessa, 22

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