Holiday Hanky-Panky

I met my husband's boss, Ryan, last December at their company holiday party. I have to admit, I was very attracted to him. Apparently, the feelings were mutual. We danced together quite a bit, and he asked me if he could see me socially if things could be worked out with my husband. I laughed and told him I didn't think my husband would ever agree to that, but I would be happy to see him if he proved me wrong. At that point, I forgot all about it. Imagine my surprise when a few days later my husband suggested I actually date his boss, and in exchange he would get a promotion and better assignments. Three days later, I was dressing for my first date with Ryan. I wore a short little black cocktail dress that my husband picked out for me. Ryan liked my dress, but I think he liked it even better when it was on the floor next to his bed. Ryan and I started dating frequently. Sometimes, the three of us now spend the evening at my home. My husband then sleeps in the guest bedroom while Ryan and I use the master bedroom. People may think our arrangement is a bit unusual, but it works for us. Ryan is a wonderful lover.

— Deborah, 32

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