Husband's Wish Fulfilled

My husband of twenty years recently began to tell me of his fantasy to see me date outside our marriage. I thought it was strange, and at first I didn't take him seriously. He told me that it would be a huge turn on for him to know I was dating other men, and he continued to bring the subject up. I still thought it was weird, but I thought an innocent date with an interesting guy might not be all bad, and I began keeping my eyes open. I went on a few casual dates over the next couple of months, and sure enough my husband loved it. He loved watching me get ready, and he was always ready to hear the details when I got home. I didn't have sex with any of the dates, but I did make out with one or two of them, and I admit that I found myself enjoying my new freedom. I started dressing a bit more provocatively and found myself flirting constantly. My husband was in heaven when I told him I was dating a new twenty-something guy from work. We hit it off great, and he asked me to go away with him and another couple for the weekend. My husband blessed the trip, and off we went. The two days ended up being non-stop sex. I had never even imagined that I would have two men at once or make love to another woman. My husband got his wish. I hope he's happy. I am.

— Gloria, 44

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