Work Hard, Play Hard

Hi. My name is Amanda, and I'm a twenty-year-old female. A few months ago, I got a job working at a fairly large company in my city. It wasn't anything fancy, but it paid the bills. I guess you might say things started when I had to work late to help prepare a presentation that Justin, the vice-president of my division, was going to give. We worked late but finally got it finished. As we headed out the door, Justin offered to walk me to my car since it was after dark. I told him I didn't have a car and had taken the bus. He was surprised and then offered to drive me home. Pretty soon, this became standard procedure. That is, everyday Justin would drive me home. It wasn't that far out of his way, and I appreciated not having to hassle with the bus. We would usually chat about work or family. I learned he was married, forty-three years old, and had no kids. More than once, he told me that the two of us talked more than he did with his wife. One day, he asked me if I had any plans for the evening. I thought he was just being curious, but when I told him I had no plans, he asked me if I would like to have dinner with him. I was a very surprised since he was married. Justin explained that his wife was out of town visiting relatives for three weeks and that he just wanted to enjoy my company. I decided it would be fun and, since we would just be talking, I accepted the offer. Dinner was absolutely wonderful, and from there he took me back to his condo for a drink. It was beautiful. He lives on the thirtieth floor, and from his window the lights of the city were twinkling. He got some wine for both of us. For quite a while, we sat on his couch, watching the city lights and just talking. I don't think either of us planned it, but after a while, we found ourselves sitting very close to each other on the couch. We held hands, and it was all very innocent. I also didn't object when he put his arm around me. I enjoyed the closeness. Then we began to cuddle and kiss. Things soon heated up, and our kissing got more passionate. We were tongue kissing, and Justin started to explore my body with his hands. I couldn't believe that I was making out with a married man, but I was tingling all over, and it really felt so very good. Before long, he had my blouse and bra removed. Justin quickly found all of my hot zones, and I was quivering as his mouth and hands explored my body. Waves of warmth began to sweep over my body. Finally, I told Justin I wanted him to make love to me. He led me into his bedroom, and we finished undressing. I saw a photo of Justin's wife. She was very pretty, but I knew tonight it would be my turn with her husband. And it was incredible. He took control and fulfilled me. After we made love, we cuddled, and then made love again. We finally drifted off to sleep. The next day was Saturday. When we awoke, I gave him oral, which he said his wife never did. Needless to say, I lived there with Justin until his wife returned, and I pleasured him in any way he desired. Justin's wife and I are about the same size, so I would sometimes tease Justin by wearing one of her sexy nightgowns to bed. Or we would go out, and I would wear a sexy cocktail dress that his wife had in her closet. It was a turn-on to wear her clothes, makeup, and cologne since it made me feel that I really was his wife. That hasn't happened yet, but it's my next goal.

— Amanda, 20

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