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My name is Melinda and, like many women posting here, I'm married with two teenage kids. Our marriage was nearly sexless until recently. I'm now forty-two and, as of about three years ago, I am now getting more sex than ever before or ever dreamed I would. Hopefully, this post will help other women in the same boat. The sizzle drizzled out of our bedroom and stayed like that for a few years until a party for a neighbor a few years ago. Long story short, hubby and I were apart at the party when I became attached to this younger man of twenty-five in conversation. We ended up inside a hallway when he pulled me into a bedroom, locking the door behind us. He instantly dropped to his knees in front of me and quickly undressed me. He starts kissing me as we fall to the bed. We then had sex. He finishes and, in seconds, I'm pulled to my feet, skirt pulled down and shirt put back into place. It was obvious now my bra was missing, and it was still too early to leave. I'm a little tipsy from the wine as we wander back into the crowd, hoping my husband wouldn't see me in this condition. We were talking to some of his friends, and I couldn't hear them, but it was clear he let them know what happened. I excuse myself from them, telling them I need to use the bathroom and go down the same hall. I'm just about to pass the room we left when hands on my shoulders redirect me into the same room. I look behind me, and two of his friends are in front of me and another behind me. I know what's up and try to say no, but my shirt's pulled up over my head as my skirt hits the ground. I'll leave the next forty-five minutes to your imagination, but you get the idea. Two hours later, as sore as I was, I'm making love to my forty-six-year-old husband. He asks what got into me, and I actually confess the truth. Minutes of silence, and then he says, "If that's what it takes to get us going, so be it." Jumping ahead one week, I get a call from the first guy asking to meet me. I agree, and after work that day starts a routine of sexual abyss any woman could only dream of. I was soon having sex with those four guys and a few others regularly. I know most of them were just using me for sex, but I understood that and was able to keep the physical separate from the emotional aspects of the life. The guys were mostly nice, but times varied as did the partners. They would set me up in situations where I would be totally humiliated but somehow craved the attention. Times like these would turn on my husband more than ever. It was like the more wild and crazy the night, the better our sex life would get. It was a turn in our relationship neither of us would ever have dreamed of just a short time ago. I'm more than fulfilled, and hubby and I have never had more fun. The only tricky part is keeping the situation quiet. The last thing we want is for our kids to find out their mother is a part time whore.

— Melinda, 42

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