A Way With Words

I work with an American multinational computer company in Bangalore, India. Our company management got fed-up with our English communication skills and wanted us to focus on improving it. They arranged various training sessions and, to tell you frankly, all of them were very boring. I am a twenty-three-year-old female, and I got bored with the lessons like "pencil on the paper" and "boy walking to school". I spoke to the young guy sitting next to me about how boring the classes were. Then he told me about a theme-based English learning program for young adults and invited me to his room. I was astonished to see something like, "Learn English Through Love and Romance". It was installed on his laptop, and he explained to me the features. It was an interesting program where the whole English language, up to professional degree level, was explained through the language of love and romance. The contents were so sexy that we could not leave without French kissing. He told me not to buy a copy as he could share his with me. It was the starting of a wonderful love relationship. After two months, he showed me another English learning product called "Learn English through Kama Sutra". I have a good sexual relationship with this guy, and we also learn English!

— Rachael, 23

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