Sex, Attention, And Generous Men

When I was nineteen and in college, I did some babysitting almost every weekend for a couple that lived near campus. I enjoyed it and needed the money. After babysitting, Dave (the husband) would walk me back to my apartment so I didn't have to walk alone late at night. One night, I guess we were both feeling amorous because I invited him into my apartment and gave him oral sex. I really enjoyed doing that for him, and he obviously enjoyed it. He gave me an extremely nice tip that night. Not that I had asked for extra money, but it was certainly appreciated, and we both knew why he had been so generous. After that, Dave would often call me just to meet. I would take care of him, and he would help me out financially. Then one weekend, things got more interesting. Dave asked me if I wanted to go to a hunting cabin with him and two of his male friends for a long weekend. He told me the guys just wanted to relax and would certainly enjoy my companionship. Also, they would compensate me for my time. I agreed, and I spent the weekend servicing Dave and his two friends. I loved all the attention I got, and I enjoyed doing things for them that they said their wives would never do. Everybody went home very well satisfied, and I also went home with a lot of extra money. On the way home, they asked me if it was okay if they could call me. I readily agreed, and I also told them it was okay if they wanted to give my phone number to some of their friends. At that point, I figured, why not? If they wanted to pay for something that I considered fun, it was certainly easy money. Sure enough, very soon I was getting frequent phone calls. Sometimes, I would meet a guy at his place, or sometimes I would take care of business in his car. I even went on some business trips with a couple of men during my summer recess. Sometimes they would give me a credit card to shop with during the day, and in the evening I spent my time with them in their hotel room. Of course, if the guy was married, we made sure his wife never found out that I was dating her husband. It was nice to no longer be the poor college student. I have now graduated and have a real job, but I continue to date generous men.

— Katrina, 26

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