My Shaved Hubby

I had a hard time convincing my hubby to shave his pubic area, but I finally did. And I've kept him that way for quite a while, even though he is not very happy about it. (But I am!) I've told him that as far as I'm concerned, he's going to stay that way forever, or at least as long as we're married. So, I make him shave at least once a week. Sometimes, I make him shave more often if it's a special occasion, like if he ever wants sex. I told him that his stubble will never scratch my crotch, so he had better always be smooth. And also, he knows that a razor will never touch my pubic area. I let a boyfriend shave me completely once a long time ago, and the itching was so bad when it grew in that I swore I would never do it again. I don't mind if my dear husband itches, though. Men deserve a little discomfort once in a while since women put up with a lot more for four days every month.

— Maya, 32

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