The Crummiest Carny

When I was fifteen, I met this carny working at our local county fair. I was young, on drugs, and really stupid. I actually believed him when he said he was a virgin. I told him that I was eighteen. Although I am twenty-two now, I still get told I look younger. So, he believed me! I knew that he was with at least one other girl, but I was hot for him anyway. We had a long-distance relationship for like six months before his brother told me he was cheating on me. So, I dumped him. Four months later I took him back. I called him one day and a girl answered the phone. I decided to slyly find out what their relationship was. So, after a bit, I was like, "So, are you two dating?" She was like, "Yeah, why? Who are you?" I told her that I was his fiancé and she said, "He is engaged? I never would have had sex with him if I had known that! He said you were his cousin!" I broke up with him after that, of course. Then, almost a year later when I was eighteen and living on my own, I got back with him and he moved to my hometown. As you can probably imagine, it didn't last long. He stole money from me and took off out of state. Since then, I have married and have two wonderful children. I have heard over the years through my friends that every so often he comes back into town looking for me. What a nut! Anyhow, if he comes back again, I have told everyone to put me in touch with him. I have a few questions about him getting credit in MY name that I'd like to ask him about! The moral of the story? If he cheats once, he will cheat again, and NEVER DATE A CARNY!

— Beth, 22

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