Everyone Wins And Loses

My parents always were at work, and I had to take care of my stepbrother. I was two years older. Benny's package was always big when he was young, and it just kept growing from there. My girl friends did not believe me when we were talking about boys. So, one evening, I had them over for the night. Benny had just turned nineteen, and we invited him in to play some strip poker. Needless to say, we were in our nightgowns, and he was in pajama bottoms. One hand and Benny lost his pants. He took them off while still sitting. Next hand Jenny lost her gown, and she was naked with no panties or bra. Next hand Benny lost again, and Jenny told him to stand and be seen. Benny slowly stood up to expose himself. We all really enjoyed his size. Next hand Mindy won, and Benny had to let each girl touch him, and he complied. Benny enjoyed the game, and we enjoyed seeing him. Benny finally won a hand and said Mindy had to strip. He also won the next hand, and he said he wanted to give each of us oral sex. So, we let him. He did it to each of us several times. It felt pretty good. Benny got ready again, and the next hand he wanted to have full sex with one of us, and he made me submit to him. Then he did the same to the others. We all three girls lost our virginity that night. Benny did, too, I think.

— Caroline, 26

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