Sisterly Favors

My thirty-six-year-old big sister and her doctor husband are very wealthy, while my husband and I are middle class. They live in a spectacular home with a guest house by the pool. Well, recently, while I was visiting my sister, we had a heart-to-heart talk in which she broke down, cried, and told me that her marriage was in trouble because she didn't like sex. She said that he is large, and it is painful. She also had some issues that made it very difficult to allow a man to be physically intimate with her, even her husband. She told me that she almost never had sex with my brother-in-law, Denny, even though they had managed to have three boys. She was in therapy but had learned recently that Denny had had an affair with a member of his office staff. He was unrepentant and said he was entitled to sex, and if she wouldn't give it someone else would. My sister was afraid that some gold digger would steal her husband from her and shockingly asked me if I would be willing to have sex with Denny to keep him satisfied because she knew she could trust me not to steal him. She said it would be temporary until her therapy sorted out her problems. I was even more shocked to find out that she had already discussed it with Denny, and he was all for it but doubted that I would go along. At first, I said no, but my sister was so distraught that I finally agreed to the arrangement but made them promise to never tell my husband. It has been two and one half years since then, and I visit them two or three times a month and stay one or two nights in their pool house. He comes out after their kids are in bed and has sex with me all night. I can't lie, the sex is incredible since he is huge and can go for hours. There is something about the whole arrangement that is so kinky and sexy that I really get off on it. My sister seems happy, and I am really not sure she wants to go back to the way things were. My husband has no idea, but I am scared that he will find out someday.

— Gretchen, 29

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