A Night To Remember

I am a forty-two-year-old married woman with no children. My husband, who is forty-six, works with the local council in their building department. We live in a bedroom flat which he takes no interest in. Every night, he comes back from the pub drunk, and when he is in this state, he becomes abusive and often demands sex, which is a laugh as he cannot perform. I have to put him to bed so that he can sleep it off. He often brings someone home with him that he has met in the pub to have a night cap, and they usually leave when he goes to bed. A few weeks ago, he arrived at the door in his drunken condition along with three men he had invited home for a drink. As usual, he passed out. The men helped me put him to bed, and as a thank you, I offered them a coffee or a drink. They declined, and the tallest of the three took my arm and told me that he and his friends had hoped to meet some girls that night for sex but had drawn a blank. He said that they hoped that I would satisfy their needs. He added they would be gentle with me and use condoms. I was taken aback and refused, but eventually agreed. The three of them then led me into the spare bedroom where they undressed me by first undoing and removing my blouse, then my bra. They then laid me on the bed and slipped off my skirt and panties, which left me completely nude. After complimenting me on my figure, the tallest who was the spokesman undressed and started kissing me. I felt myself responding to his caresses and, before I knew it, he was having sex with me. It wasn't long before we completed. I was starting to enjoy the experience as both his friends took me as well. They were all well-endowed, which added to my pleasure. When they had finished, they lay beside me, kissing every part of my body before taking me again. They then thanked me before covering me with the bed clothes and left. I felt very relaxed and sleepy as they had been so gentle with me. I admit I enjoyed every minute of it and think about that night often.

— Angela, 42

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