Exquisite Mental Anguish

I have a crush on my boss, too. It must be an epidemic! In my case, we work in a very small office, and most of the time it's just him and me here. We're very close in age. We're both in our thirties with only four years separating us in age. In my case, I actually work better when he's around because I get such a charge from the pent-up sexual energy he creates in me. I'm married, and he recently got married, too. I've worked with him for two years, and I still think about him just about every minute of the day. I constantly feel on the edge of just blurting it out, but I know I need to contain myself, if only because he has not indicated that he reciprocates. Well, except, for this one time. We were both online, he in his office and I in mine, and after someone left his office, we were alone in the building once again. I sent him a little lighthearted "we're alone now" message. That led to about an hour and a half of back and forth flirtations to the point that I honestly believed he wanted me to come into his office. I actually went into the office to give him some papers he had requested, but he seemed to be expecting me to follow through on our flirtation. However, I didn't. That was the one and only time anything like that ever happened. There are days (just about every day) that I regret not following through. Then again, I think I might feel more regret if I had let nature take its course and had ended up uncomfortable at work. Life's tough, but I come back every day prepared for another day of exquisite mental anguish.

— Victoria, 32

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