A Party Week I'll Never Forget

Party week usually begins on Wednesday, and I was sitting at home with nothing to do. Then my friend calls me and asks me if I want to go to a club. I said, "Sure, why not? I have nothing else planned." So, I got dressed in a zip, short-sleeved hoodie, tight pants, and heels. I looked so hot, and I knew it. I had a few beers and realized that the guys here were kind of duds. I was going to leave until a tall, stocky hottie crossed my path. Of course, I wanted to go talk to him. I was shy at first, but I said, "Oh, well, what have I got to lose?" We started dancing, drinking, and having a good time. Then, his friend decides to join in on the fun. One thing leads to another, and we decide to leave the club. I'm a little tipsy, so I left with them. We end up back at the apartment. I have sex with the friend. Then, the guy I was dancing with first, came along later. To make a long story short, there were three guys and myself. I was turned on with all the attention, so I threw my morals aside and gave them oral sex. Then, I had sex with two of them at once. Then, I came up with a bright idea. I asked if anyone had a video camera. Negative. But, we settled for a camera phone. It was so incredibly exhilarating! Would I do it again? Probably not, but the experience is one I will never forget.

— Gabriella, 22

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