Taking Control

I was feeling a little lonely, and I was flirting with a girl at the local frame shop. She was clearly enjoying my flirting. So, she invited me to a party being held by her and her girlfriend. Did I mention I'm a woman? Anyway, I went over. There were lots of people there. I went up to her girlfriend and told her to change the music NOW. I was strong and in control, and her girlfriend just melted. They were mine now. I invited them to a friend's birthday party. Both of them were all over me. I brought them back to my house where there were others there, and they were all over me. While having conversations with guests, they were taking turns trying to seduce me. Finally, I allowed them into my bedroom. I had to control the situation. One was all over me, so I made her sit naked and watch. She was not allowed to touch. I had my way with her girlfriend as I watched her squirm. Then I allowed them to make love in front of me. Of course, then I took turns with them. It was wonderful. The relationship lasted for about six months. One was an actress, and the other was an alternative medicine doctor. I still miss then today. Eventually, I realized that it wasn't what I wanted. So, I ended the relationship, but I will always enjoy the many beautiful times we had together.

— Jackie, 30

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